Scientists say it’s all downhill from the age of 25, body and brain wise. Well, I guess it’s double the “downhill” reaching the big “five-O”.  I hit 50 and the next day took off to Australia and hopped on a motorbike and rode “outback”. The Aborigines call it “going walkabout” but it certainly wasn’t “dreamtime”. I was wide awake.

Whose Fault?

As far as inspiration for this crazy idea was concerned I’d have to say it was a culmination of a number of influences. My good mate Dave who had never ridden before bought a bike in his late forties. Brendon who Dave and I met at a fund raiser (not mine). Brendon had ridden with Garth and his wife along the Silk Trail. The late Burt Munroe whose life is featured in the film “The World’s Fastest Indian”. Mike of “Twisting Throttle” fame who took his bike to Aussie and rode anticlockwise around the circumference of Australia. A client of mine Brian who told me he had just finished reading a book about retirement. The conclusion he had come to was that you should aim to achieve all matters planned for retirement before you reach retirement. I.e. Turn 50, pretend you are retired get on a big bike and just ride. Outback Australia seemed a good place to start.